Is Ranked Choice Voting on the Ballot for 2024?

Between now and June, you may have the opportunity to sign two *OFFICIAL* ballot initiatives for election reform in Montana. 

  1. Top Four Open Primaries
  2. Majority Winner Mandate

After careful review of these two initiatives (put forward by Montanans for Election Reform), we are encouraged that their implementation would improve elections in Montana and would create a viable opportunity to implement Ranked Choice Voting in January 2025 (during the next Montana legislative session).

Ranked Choice Voting will *not* be on the ballot in 2024,

...but top-four open primaries, along with requiring a majority winner, would give Montanans more choice and more voice, empower candidates, and reduce the mudslinging. We encourage you to learn more about these reforms. We have curated the most recent news and research for you. We will continue to provide updates, education, and commentary on these issues via our blog.

Please get involved and do what you can to help advance election reform in 2024.

But please also show your support for Ranked Choice Voting in 2025 by adding your name to our *unofficial* petition below. By signing the petition, you are simply saying that, "I support the use of Ranked Choice Voting in my Montana elections." 👇 Let us know right now that you agree.👇


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Will you sign?

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